Continuing Professional Development


Anyone involved in the Pest Control Industry.


This educational training session will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete.


There is a multiple choice test at the end. You need to score 70% or above to pass.


Step 1. 

View the PDF training document in the next section. You have the option to save a copy of the document or to print it. Once you have opened the document you can exit the PDF by closing the window and you will be returned to the quiz system.

Step 2. 

Read the training document

Step 3. 

Take the quiz right away or return to it later. If you begin the quiz but don't have time to complete it, you can save your progress and return to it when you have more time.

Step 4. 

PASSED! If we hold a record of your BASIS PROMPT number then we'll credit your CPD record automatically (please note this takes up to 2 weeks).

FAILED! Never mind, try again soon! Just re-take the quiz when you're ready.

Step 5

You can only access this certificate when you pass this quiz.